Regional revitalization through outdoor activities

DVERG, which develops outdoor products based on the concept of "gear that blends in with nature," was born in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture in 2019. If you look around, you can see mountains, rivers, and even the sea surrounded by an attractive environment. Even in this modern age, where green spaces are decreasing due to modernization, it is an area where you can feel the great outdoors.

However, depopulation in the area is unavoidable, and this problem is accelerating. To improve this serious situation, we must make this area more attractive. In response to such problems, we continue to carry out activities that lead to the expansion of the outdoor exchange population and regional revitalization through the holding of outdoor events and the maintenance of campsites in the city.

"OUTDOOR REPUBLIC" is the name given to our activities. In order to make this activity known to more outdoor enthusiasts and people who love this area full of nature, we have printed the logo on some DVERG products and are exhibiting them as return gifts for Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture's hometown tax.

Hometown tax return gift