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Face Mask 3pcs

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A high-quality pure Japanese-made face mask made from soft fabric.

With moderate thickness and firmness, a space is created between the mouth and the mask when worn, making it easy to breathe and talk.

The durable material can be washed and used many times.

It dries quickly in the shade.

Using threads made in Japan, fabric production and sewing were all done in Fukui Prefecture.

The stretch rate is over 200%, and we use a fabric that stretches well.

You can cut and adjust the part that hangs over your ears, so it can be used by men, women, and children.

The material feels cool the moment it touches your skin, making it perfect for hot summers.

The urethane rubber contained in the surface of the fabric has a high thermal conductivity, making it feel cool.

・Washable and reusable ・Made in Japan ・Cool material ・Highly stretchable fabric ・Adjustable size


Size from top of nose to tip of chin : 13cm
from tip of chin to behind ears : 15.5 cm
Material 74% nylon, 26% urethane rubber.
Origin Fukui, Japan
Note *This mask is not a surgical mask. This mask is designed to control droplets such as coughing and spitting, and to prevent the spread of infection to others.


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