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Molding Cord Reel 10m

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MOLDING CORD REEL 10m is a DVERG special order model of cord reel for indoor use.


The cord length is 10m, so it allows you to extend the power supply over a long distance.


Even in situations where there is no power outlet nearby, the easy-to-carry cord reel allows you to immerse yourself in your work stress-free.


The compact size and easy cord rewind system make it easy to wind up the cord and store it neatly when not in use.


Size W21 x D13 x H27cm (cord length/10m)
Material Steel and ABS plastic
Origin Japan
Note For use with electronic equipment up to 5A when used wound up, and up to 15A total when all the code drawn out.
Do not use outdoors or near water, iron powder, cutting chips, or combustible materials.
Also, excessive load or pressure on the wires or main unit may cause malfunction.


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