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Raid Ax

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A new type of ax blade designed by Ballistics in collaboration with NERUDESIGNWORKS.

Based on the premise of a medium size that can chop wood, the head is designed to emphasize sharpness with a head weight of 1 kg.

The handle that matches the head has a thick design that combines streamline and strength.

The protrusion in the middle position is a finger groove in knife terminology that has both a finger grip and a slide stopper when gripping.

There are two types of handle materials: USA hickory and mahogany.

Hickory wood has little oil content, so even if you hit the laser, there will be little shading in the carved part, so we simply printed with silk screen.
For the pattern material, we have a lineup of "Honduras Mahogany", which is said to be authentic mahogany among many production areas such as the Philippines and Africa.

For the mahogany, with the cooperation of gun meister "CAW (CRAFTAPPLEWORKS)", which has a reputation for its unique processing technology and unique commitment among many gun manufacturers, the classic checkering process is used as a gun grip method. is the same diamond pattern as the COLT government) and laser engraved to create a decoration that also serves as a strong anti-slip.

The paracord passed through the songhole has a loop length that allows the palm to pass through so that it does not drop unexpectedly.

Dedicated blade guards (covers) are assorted from 3 colors (Multicam, Multicam BK, BLACK).

By passing a paracord between the hole in the rear of the ax blade and the song hole in the handle, you can hang it on your shoulder, and by making a loop with a string in the hole, you can store or display it with the head up. can do.


weightOverall weight: approx. 1300g
Axe blade part: approx. 990g
Size Total length: approx. 49.5 cm
Total blade length: approx. 11.5 cm
Note Material : Axe
blade: steel
Handle: Hickory
Cover: Cordura nylon (cover color is assorted)


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