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Ballistics×Mountain Research

Deck & Case & Deck Tape Splinter Camo

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Introducing a collaboration model to commemorate the 20th anniversary of BALLISTICS!!

A skateboard designed by Mountain Research, a storage case, and a deck tape set.

The main graphic is placed on the opposite side of the usual, with the assumption that it will be used as a chair or table using SBS KIT made by BALLISTICS.

During normal use (used as a skateboard), if the deck tape is attached, the graphics will be hidden.


ColorSkateboard Body/Splinter Camo Tape/Splinter Camo Case/Splinter Camo
Size Skateboard size: W/8.375in, L/31.875in
Material Skateboard body / Canadian maple case/polyester
Note *SB stool kit is not included.


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