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butterfly saw 2

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A double-edged folding saw that condenses the manufacturing method of traditional Japanese saws.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the package is its size.
I saw it in the picture, but it's smaller than I thought... but when you unfold the folded handle, it's a splendid blade.

The sharpening is double-edged with Edo (horizontal) and thorny (thorny) eyes, and the high-hardness carbon steel blade and new special coating developed for Butterfly Saw 2 make the cutting edge sharper and the blade smoother than the previous model. became. The grip is made of natural wood that feels good in the hand, and it is light and comfortable to cut, making it easy to use for women and children with weak strength. It can also be used for outdoor fuel procurement and daily maintenance of garden trees.


Size Length 250mm x Width 45mm x Thickness 15mm when in use
・Length 135mm x Width 47mm x Thickness 15mm when folded
Material Stainless steel, carbon steel, natural wood (oil finish)


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