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rorschleifer 2

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The perfect whetstone for sharpening Damascus knives and outdoor knives outside.

After searching for a DVERG outdoor kitchen knife that could be sharpened outdoors, I finally found it.

The cutting edge of the knife is fixed at 15 degrees to maximize sharpness. For everyday knives or if you want to sharpen in a short time, you can sharpen the edge of the knife at 20 degrees.

A magnet (built-in) is installed to fix the knife, so that both small and large knives can be fixed freely. Folding knives can also be polished.

Although outdoor knives are not used as often as regular kitchen knives, they gradually lose their sharpness. However, whetstones have a high threshold for beginners.

Conventional sharpeners and whetstones, which many people use as sharpeners, are usually sharpened by fixing the sharpener and moving the knife.

Rorschleifer, on the other hand, sharpens by fixing the knife and moving the sharpener. In other words, do not move the knife at all.

With this reversal of the idea, Rorschleifer can reproduce the craftsmanship of "fixing the angle of the blade and moving it uniformly" required for ordinary whetstones.

The wood plate of the Rollschleifer 2 has a built-in neodymium magnet and a silicon pad on the surface to prevent slipping and to firmly fix the knife.

As a result, even without installing a surface for small blades, most knives used outdoors can be firmly fixed to any position on the surface of the silicone pad. can be sharpened using


weightabout 590g
Size Grip roller: 8.5cm × 5.5cm
Wood plate ; 11.5cm × 5.5cm
Note Inexpensive kitchen knives, outdoor knives, and other blades with special shapes/sizes may be sharpened only at the very tip, or sharpened at an angle of 17° or more.
Also, for knives that have not been maintained for many years, rusted or chipped, it will take longer than usual to sharpen them to 15°, so it is recommended to fix them at 20° and sharpen them.


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