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USB blanket

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A USB blanket with a texture that makes you want to take it outside, such as watching outdoor sports or car life.

It is an item that you want to incorporate as a fashion item, just like wearing a quilted liner jacket.

The inside is made of flannel material that is soft to the touch and has heat retention. Because it is a large size blanket, it is a size that even men can wrap around their waist.

Just by connecting to your mobile battery or USB power supply, the built-in heater warms up.

・Two-stage temperature adjustment (strong: about 40 degrees / weak: 32 degrees)
・Quick heat function (automatically switches to [strong] after 10 minutes)
・Automatic OFF timer function (about 1 hour)
・Can be washed with the cap closed


ColorBlack/Sand beige/Khaki
Size W120 x D80 cm (cord 100 cm)
Material Surface/Nylon
100 Padding / 100%
polyester Reverse side/Polyester 100
Origin China

When using, a USB power source such as a PC or a mobile battery is required.

Do not use while sleeping/continuously for more than 2 hours/as a heating source for pets.
If the power supply is insufficient, the product may not generate sufficient heat.


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