DVERG × MAAGZ × 畑漆器店

DVERG × MAAGZ × Hata Shikki Store

The gentle texture will make your meal even richer.

MAAGZ commissioned the long-established Hata Shikki Store in Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture to produce a wooden Sierra cup, which was custom-made with DVERG's original special specifications. The smooth and gentle texture of wood will make your time even richer.

MAAGZ, which has a workshop and office in Hachioji, Tokyo, and plans and develops outdoor products, is a brand launched in 2019. While developing products centered on our main product, bonfire stands, in 2021 we will be releasing unique camping gear one after another, such as lightweight campers specialized for solo camping and fire starters made from upcycled animal poop. It has been released.

〈Hata Shikki Store〉
Manufactured "Yamanaka lacquerware" in Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Yamanaka lacquerware is lacquerware manufactured in Yamanaka Onsen and has a history of 450 years. In addition to lacquerware, we also manufacture and sell wooden products that take advantage of the texture of the wood, and while preserving the tradition of Yamanaka lacquerware that has been passed down from generation to generation, we are looking for new possibilities for Yamanaka lacquerware.

DVERG × MAAGZ × Hata Lacquerware Store Mokshela

It is made using a traditional technique called ``potter's wheel grinding'' using wild wild cherry blossoms. Unlike the metal shella cup, it cannot be placed over an open flame, but the cup can also be used as a wooden bowl.

Two colors are available: the traditional Japanese ``soot-bamboo color'' and ``ink color.'' Unlike MAAGZ's Mokshela, the outside of the cup is painted with color. In addition, the removable handle has a matte texture that matches the main body.