Terms of service

Things to check / request before ordering
・ Although we strictly manage inventory, in rare cases, sold out items may be displayed as in stock and may be available for purchase due to the inventory interlocking system.
We will contact the relevant customers separately, so please forgive us.

・ The number of delivery address changes after shipping is increasing. Before confirming your order, please make sure that your shipping address is registered correctly.

・ For high-priced orders and first-time customers, we may confirm by phone or email before shipping.

・ If we cannot contact you by email or phone, we may cancel your order transaction.

・ Orders may be declined depending on the status of past transactions.

[Sales amount]
We pay close attention to the price of the product and try to keep it accurate, but if the price is displayed incorrectly, it will be as below, and even after sending the order confirmation email, we shall cancel the transaction.

■ When the price displayed on the website is higher than the appropriate price set by us
⇒We will sell at a reasonable price.

■ When the price displayed on the website is lower than the appropriate price set by us
⇒We will inform you of the appropriate price by e-mail and ask for your consent to continue your order, or if you do not agree, we will cancel your order.

[About inquiries]

* We do not accept inquiries by phone.
* Inquiries are accepted only by email.