Legal notice

Distributor:  DVERG
Representative responsible: Shohei Iwasa
location: 20-29 Hariecho Haribara, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture
* Although the phone number is listed, we do not accept inquiries by phone.

We only accept inquiries by email.

phone number: 0776-63-6418
email address:
Sales manager: Shohei Iwasa
Necessary charges other than the product price:

Shipping charges will be incurred by region.

■ Courier shipping fee table (tax included)  

* Yamato Transport / Yu-Pack

[ Hokkaido : 1050 yen]  

[North Tohoku: 750 yen]  
Aomori prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Akita prefecture

[South Tohoku: 700 yen]  
Miyagi prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture

[Kanto: 700 yen]  
Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tokyo,  
Kanagawa prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture

[Hokushin'etsu: 700 yen]  
Niigata prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Toyama prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Fukui prefecture

[Tokai: 700 yen]
Gifu prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Aichi prefecture, Mie prefecture

[Kansai: 700 yen]  
Shiga prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture

[China: 700 yen]  
Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture

[Shikoku and Kyushu: 750 yen]  
Tokushima prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Kochi prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture, Saga prefecture Nagasaki prefecture, Oita prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture
[Okinawa: 2000 yen]  
Okinawa Prefecture

Payment method and timing of payment:
Credit card payment
Payment time: It depends on the card company you use. Invoices will be processed when you place an order, regardless of the shipment of the item.

Please note that if you purchase a pre-order item, the item may arrive after payment.
Delivery time of goods:
■ Products in stock
We will ship within 2-3 days of your order.

■ Pre-order items
For pre-order items, the estimated delivery date is stated on the item page.

About returns, defective products, and cancellations:

■ defective product arrived
・ Although every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the product, if the product is damaged or soiled, please contact us by email ( within 7 days of receiving the product. Depending on the stock status, we will accept returns and exchanges.

* In this case, the shipping fee will be borne by our shop.

■ Replacement at the convenience of the customer
・ You will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee.

■ Returns due to customer convenience
・ You will be responsible for the shipping fee and the return fee of 800 yen.
・ If a refund is required due to a return due to the customer's convenience, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

■ the case we cannot accept returns or exchanges
・ Items that have been received for more than 7 days
・ Products that customers have used once
・ Products that have been damaged or soiled by the customer
・ Products with odors such as cigarettes and perfumes
・ If the product box, instruction manual, or other attachments such as tags are damaged, soiled, lost, or removed.
・ Products processed by customers
・ Products that have been repaired or cleaned after delivery
・ Sale items
・ Others (items with a statement on each product listing page that returns cannot be accepted)