I collaborated with NATURE TONES for the first time last year.

We are also active in the same Fukui,
Even in the corona misfortune, we met in person and proceeded with the project.

Attention to detail,
I have the paints that I don't usually use procured from overseas,
After repeating the prototype many times, it is finally completed.

As a result, it has become considerably more expensive than the ready-made product. .

I was confident that I could sell it because the item was good, but
Anxiety remains at the same time.

When sales started, the inventory that had several hundred units disappeared in an instant,
I remember placing an additional order right away.

Since then, production has not kept up.

Influenced by the world situation,
Materials are becoming more difficult to obtain and prices are soaring.

In such a situation,
This year we will also have a new collaboration product with NATURE TONES.

Again, the price has gone up because I'm too picky about it.

I didn't want to compromise, so
Anyway, it's the result of trying to make something good.

Next time, I will write about the details.



DVERG Brand Director

In his 30s, he enjoys camping, as well as fishing, climbing, bouldering, and SUP on his days off. He is also full of curiosity about making things, and when he gets curious, he wants to try making things himself. I buy fabrics and use commercial sewing machines, and I make my own gear wear with leather craft tools.