Great for mountain climbing, camping, and everyday wear.

Overwhelmingly comfortable and odor resistant regardless of the season. And easy care. Socks that are versatile throughout the four seasons were born. Special order from NODAL, which handles many select shops and famous brand socks. These are high quality tabi-shaped socks made in Japan.


NODAL is a Japanese-made sock brand specializing in tabi-shaped socks made by Tamai Shoten, a long-established tabi store founded in 1889. NODAL means a point of contact where things intersect, and we combine the knowledge and quality we have cultivated through tabi manufacturing with socks to create new products for the fashion and sports scene.

Outside Field Socks

Made with New Zealand merino wool yarn, which has a very smooth feel with little prickling. It has excellent heat retention, moisture absorption and desorption properties, and also has deodorizing properties, so it can be worn comfortably in all seasons.

What I was most particular about this time was the dyeing. A tie-dye pattern is expressed using a traditional technique called "chusen." There are many flashy tie-dye patterns in the world, but DVERG aimed for a tie-dye pattern that resembles military camouflage. After making many prototypes, we were able to create something unique that we were satisfied with.

Afterword “Commitment to color”

The photo above is the first sample. Can you see the white thread inside when you stretch it? I noticed this when the sample arrived and I was excited to try it on. With this, the white thread would interfere with the camouflage pattern when worn, so I asked them to modify the next sample to use the same color.

Here is the corrected sample. It's the same color even when stretched out, so you can clearly see that it doesn't interfere with the camouflage pattern. In fact, the white has been removed from the overall design to create a more unified camouflage pattern.