Aiming for “T-shirts you can wear for a lifetime”

Is a T-shirt eco-friendly if it wears out after a year or two, no matter how many recycled materials are used? With this in mind, we aimed to create a T-shirt that you can wear for a lifetime while imagining what it will look like 5 or 10 years from now, just like nurturing denim. You can enjoy the tasteful texture as you wear it.


DVERG's new label "UNKNOWN REPORT" literally translates to "Unconfirmed Report." We explore traditional Japanese materials, techniques, and manufacturing methods that are still unknown to the world, and sublimate them into innovative products by harmonizing them with modern advanced technology. Through our adventurous spirit and creative exploration, we create new value and deliver tangible reports to the world.

The fabric used this time is air-spun milled long cotton grown in the Izmir region on the Aegean coast of Turkey, commonly known as ``Aegean cotton.'' A durable, heavy-duty and tough fabric that has been packed to the limit. It is said to be thick at 7 ounces, but this fabric is a whopping 10.7 ounces.

The rounded hem adds an accent to the silhouette, and the side pockets are easy to access, which is a nice touch.

Although it is a plain T-shirt, we wanted to include the brand name as a proof of the care we put into it, so we embroidered "UNKNOWN REPORT" on the back of the left shoulder. Still, we use threads of the same color so as not to make too much of an impression.

With T-shirts, the fabric is thin and the pockets are often placed so that you can't use them properly, but the fabric is thick and has tension, so you can use the pockets properly.