PLus Beat①

PLus Beat ①

making original leather goods
Mr. asato, a craftsman of PLus Beat.
Doberg also asked me to make some.

At the event, my favorite gear is wrapped in leather,
When I came to Fukui, I asked Masu to wrap me in leather.

I really like it.

Because it will finish the gear cool and cool on the spot,
Both customers and staff were asking for it. smile

One of the products requested by Doberg is a bear bell.

It is solid because it uses cowhide with a thickness of 3mm.
Of course, Mr. asato finishes each one by hand.

The sound of the bell is also pleasant, and you can hide somewhere.

Since the first batch of bear bells was sold out,
I requested additional production.

A few days later, when I was checking Instagram,
I found a complaint that there were many cracks in the leather and there were many bots.

Plus Beat's account.

If you look closely, the cracked leather
The color and shape are similar to the leather part of the bear bell.
The timing is undeniable.

Because it is manual and time-consuming,
I thought it would be a waste to just throw it away,
I tried contacting him to see if I could pick it up.

Then, except for the cracked part,
They are making key holders.

It was already working before this suggestion.

I didn't see any big cracks here,
I thought about finishing it as a bear bell and selling it face-to-face at an event,
It is said that key holders are better with priority given to quality.

The shape is irregular, but that's a good thing.

I got it for free, so I won't sell it.

distributed at events or
secretly bundled with the product,
Looking for how to use it.


DVERG Director

He enjoys camping, fishing, mountain climbing, bouldering, and SUP on his days off. Also, he is into crafting. He makes his own gear wear with his industrial sewing machine and leather craft tools.