With the theme of travel and the outdoors,
"Purveyors" is a select shop in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, which offers gems collected from a unique perspective.

The brand directed by them is "MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN".

The concept is items that can be used for more than 10 years.

This time, Doberg made a special order for

A case for storing Old Moon.

↑ Click here for Old Moon

A lantern hanger that has been carefully finished one by one by craftsmen in all processes.
Ease of use and a beautiful silhouette are pursued.

When I ordered a lot from Doberg,
I happened to see a craftsman working late on an Instagram story,
I remember feeling complicated...

↑This is what OLD MOON BASE looks like before bespoke

The canvas part is the mustard color of the brand color,
The leather part is finished in brown.

With bright colors
Somewhere natural and exudes an exquisite presence.

↑ OLD MOON BASE that this is a special order

A mysterious color that cannot be described in words.

Gray when seen indoors,
At the campsite, purple was sometimes peeking out.

It seems to change its expression depending on how the light hits it.

The fabric is a thick wax canvas,
The unique wrinkles give it a nice taste.

Since genuine leather is used for the bottoms by crosscutting,
Combined with the thick fabric, there is a sense of solidity and security.

As you can see, he's tall.

Because you can enjoy aging,
Where you want to use it together with OLD MOON.

What I thought after using it was that it was easy to put in and take out.

There is a type that narrows the entrance,
Because it gets caught on the string and the fabric is thin and twists,
Sometimes I feel stressed because I can't get in well.

In that regard, OLD MOON BASE is designed with a wide entrance and ample space.
The fabric is thick, so there is no stress about twisting.

Since there is room, I thought that other gears could be put in, so I put in a few poles for flipping up.

Then it fits perfectly as a pole case.
The photo sticks out on purpose, but it fits perfectly.

It can be used as a pole case as well as a lantern hanger.