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Danish Fuel

key cabinet

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A cabinet made from upcycled military fuel jerry cans that were actually used.

A product that breathes new life into the original jerry can that survived World War II.

A cabinet that can be used to store not only keys but also everyday items such as sunglasses that tend to get messy.

There are 5 hooks on each side of the cabinet to hang keys and keychains.

In addition, you can hang bags, jackets, umbrellas, etc. on the hooks at the bottom of the cabinet, making it the perfect cabinet for getting ready before going out.

The main unit comes with two screws on the back or a leather wall hanger.

The size is similar to the 20L jerry cans used in 1937.

It also comes with a dog tag key chain and key, so you can lock it.


Colornano black
AccesoriesDanishFuel manual, certificate, main unit key, key chain, medal, coin S-shaped hook small × 10, fixing hardware
Size 50x35x20cm
Material Walnut, upcycled jerry can
Origin Denmark
Note This product is an upcycled product made from genuine military fuel cans. Due to the material, dents, previous corrosion marks, and small scratches may be visible. Please be aware of this in advance.
Also, since this product is a cabinet, it must be screwed to the wall.
[Cleaning method] The wood part of the cabinet should be maintained with wood oil once every three months to prevent the impression of the wood surface and give it a nice texture.


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