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Drawstring pouch fidlock buckle cow suede

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A teardrop-shaped drawstring pouch with no gusset.

It is designed to be less bulky while maintaining capacity.

Adopts a buckle made by Fidlock that attaches and detaches using magnetic force.

You can also adjust the length smoothly.

The cow suede, which has a smooth texture that sticks to your hands, is made by MASTROTTO, a company founded in 1958.

The largest tannery in Italy not only preserves the quality of the original leather, but also uses a special machine to brush it to create a very delicate texture with just the right thickness.

The more you use it, the more the color deepens, and you can enjoy the aging effect with an antique feel.


Colorgray beige/black
Size W24×H29×D2cm
Material Cowhide (suede leather manufactured by MASTROTTO)
Origin Japan
Note Capacity: 1.3L


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