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snow peak

flat burner

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*Due to this popular item, we will limit purchases to one per person.

A 1 unit size burner that can be set on the "Iron Grill Table".

It fits flat against the top plate, so you can use the tabletop effectively.

Of course you can use it as is.

Pursuing a simple and easy-to-use burner.

Since the burner head is not exposed to the outside, it has excellent wind resistance.

There are few irregularities on the top surface of the burner, so it lies flat when set on the IGT, allowing you to use the table top effectively.

In addition, the gas cartridge can be used by attaching it to the IGT rail.


AccesoriesStorage case, binding band
weight1.9kg (excluding storage case)
Size 270 x 410 x 110mm (excluding hoses and appliance plugs)
Material Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, steel, resin
Origin Korea
Note ■Output: 3,000kcal/h
■Compatible pot diameter: φ23cm or less (cannot be used in Dutch oven)
■Special container: Snow Peak exclusive container GP-500GR/Giga Power Gas 500 Pro Iso, GP-250GR/Giga Power Gas 250 Pro Iso, GP-500SR/Giga Power Gas 500 Iso, GP-250SR/Giga Power Gas 250 Iso
■Burning time: GP-500GR/210 minutes, GP-250GR/110 minutes

■About changes in GS-450 flat burner specifications
The material of the juice pan (in the instruction manual: windshield) has been changed to stainless steel.
*Specifications have been changed due to changes in certification standards. Please rest assured that you can continue to use the existing GS-450 safely.

■PS mark type: PSLPG mark
■Notified company name: Snow Peak Co., Ltd.
■Registered inspection agency name: JIA


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