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Belmont Blanket × DVERG

hera good blanket

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Belmont Blanket is a blanket brand that focuses on handmade items in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The biggest features of the Hella Good Blanket are its easy-to-use size and waterproof, durable fabric that can withstand outdoor use.

The outside uses Belmont Blanket's unique waterproof and breathable fabric, AdventureTek. Since it is a waterproof material, even if you use it as a ground sheet in a wet place, your bottom will not get wet.
It is also highly fire resistant, making it resistant to sparks from camping bonfires.

The fleece used on the inside is also unique to Belmont Blanket. It feels nice to the touch, and the fleece fabric can also be used as a blanket to protect yourself from the cold.

Comes with a leather strap for carrying and storage. The DVERG logo is placed on the leather patch. The large size of 152cm x 183cm allows two adults to sleep comfortably.

It also has excellent antibacterial properties, and its waterproof performance does not decrease even when washed in a washing machine (*Do not use fabric softener).

Try using it hard in any outdoor scene.


Size Approximately 152 x 183 cm
Material Outside: AdventureTek
Inside: Velvet fleece
Brand tag, belt: Danner upcycled leather
Origin America


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