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Convection double clean type

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A limited edition retro-designed convection type double clean stove.

It uses a two-stage combustion method: the first stage is a red heat type, and the second stage is a white flame type.
Equipped with a "Deru Deru Core" that can be used three times with one core, making it environmentally friendly and economical.

■Double tank structure The interior of the oil tank has a double structure to prevent kerosene from spilling if the main unit falls over. Kerosene is filled from the fuel filler port and is supplied from the outer tank to the inner tank via a thin pipe, where it permeates into the wick. Therefore, even if the main unit falls over, the structure prevents kerosene from spilling out.

■Anti-earthquake automatic fire extinguishing system
Prevents fires caused by falls etc. This feature automatically extinguishes the fire when the kerosene stove is subjected to an earthquake or strong impact.
It is set automatically by simply turning the ignition knob (or lowering the lever), so you don't have to worry about forgetting to set it, which is a reassuring feature.


Colorbeige, black
weightApproximately 12kg
Size (Including stand) Height 560.5 x Width 474 x Depth 474 (mm)
Note ■Oil tank capacity: 7.0L
■Heating output: 4.7kW to 3.76kW
■Combustion duration: (maximum combustion to minimum combustion) approximately 15.2 to approximately 19.1 (h)
■Guide to the number of tatami mats:
Wooden (detached house) up to 12 tatami mats (20.0m²)
Concrete (collection) up to 17 tatami (28.0m²)
■Ignition method: Battery ignition (2 single type dry batteries, sold separately)


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