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blue flame heater

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``Blue Frame'' is a beautiful blue flame with unchanging quality and tradition.
Over the course of about 80 years,
While upgrading little by little,
This is a traditional stove that takes care of its shape.

Unique presence and retro style.
This is a stove series that becomes more flavorful the more you use it.

The beautiful blue flame of the ``Blue Flame Heater'' provides soft warmth surrounded by blue flame.
Sufficient oxygen was supplied to the kerosene that vaporized evenly.
This is proof of good combustion conditions.

Since it is a natural convection type, warm air gently wraps around the room.
Suppresses odors, not only during combustion, but
Maintains a comfortable feeling without unpleasant odors when igniting or extinguishing the fire.


AccesoriesShin cleaner, special storage bag
weightApproximately 8.8kg
Size External dimensions (including stand)/Height 551mm x Width 388mm x Depth 405mm
Shin dimensions/inner diameter 75.3mm, thickness 2.7mm
Material Shin/tsutsushin (cotton shin)
Note ■Type: Shin type, natural ventilation type, natural convection type
■Ignition method: Match ignition
■Fuel used: Kerosene (JIS No.1 kerosene)
■Fuel consumption: 2.68kW (0.26L/h)
■Heating output: 2.68kW
■Oil tank capacity: 4.1L
■Burning duration: Approximately 15 hours
■Standard suitable room: 11.5-16.5㎡ (7-10 tatami)
■Safety device: Anti-earthquake automatic extinguisher


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