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oil stove with timer

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This is the most popular kerosene stove with timer from the Aladdin Classic series.

As the name suggests, it comes with an automatic timer for 3, 5, and 8 hours, and you can easily ignite it by simply lowering the lever.

Its charm is its retro design and color.

In addition to the classic and familiar reflective design, the original color green continues to captivate people's hearts.


weightEmpty/7.6kg, Full/10.8kg
Size W345×D327×H496mm
Origin China
Note ■Tank capacity (consumption): 4.0L
■Heating output: 2.80kW to 1.96kW
■Fuel consumption: 0.27L/h ~ 0.19L/h
■Burning time: 14.7h ~ 21h
■Number of tatami mats: Concrete/10 tatami, Wooden/8 tatami
■Safety devices: 3/5/8 hour automatic cut-off timer, anti-seismic automatic fire extinguishing device, automatic fire extinguishing when refueling ■Function: e-control function, electronic ignition, odor function


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