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cassette stove

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Full aluminum die-cast body small cassette stove "amadana CASSETTE CONRO"

amadana has reconsidered the existing concept of cassette stoves from scratch, creating a completely new style of cassette stove while maintaining the high heat generated by gas fuel.

cassette stove

In order to reaffirm the unique and wonderful experience of ``cooking over an open flame, wherever you like, as much as you like'', as long as you have a cylinder, which is the biggest advantage of a cassette stove, we will be working with a small group of people. We aimed to create a compact and robust cassette stove that is convenient to use and carry.

Cross type trivet

The heat-resistant steel trivet is connected to the center of the seat, making it suitable for reheating small-diameter vessels such as stainless steel mugs and small skillets that can be used over open flames.
*As you use it repeatedly, the surface of the trivet will develop a color called temper color. No two are ever the same, and only one pattern is created in the world. This is not a defect, so please continue to use it as is.

internal flame burner

An original burner packed with Nitinen's energy-saving design technology. The inward-facing flame prevents heat from escaping, allowing for highly efficient heating. Gas consumption is reduced by 10% compared to external flame type.

Noise-free minimal design

While complying with safety standards, it has achieved the smallest size in its class compared to stoves that use standard-sized cassette cylinders. We have thoroughly eliminated unnecessary elements and created a minimalist design. The main body is made of die-cast aluminum with a sturdy and beautiful surface, which is normally only used for commercial use. It can be used in any interior, from casual to luxurious, and harmonizes with any occasion. Natural cowhide is used for the belt part of the cylinder cover used when replacing cassette cylinders.

safety design

It is equipped with a pressure sensing safety device that automatically shuts off the gas passage and extinguishes the fire if the pressure inside the cassette cylinder rises abnormally. Installing the cassette cylinder is as easy as pushing it in. It is a magnetic type that is easy and convenient to put on and take off.

*Gas cylinder and dedicated carry bag are sold separately.


ColorBlack (powder heat-resistant coating)
weightApproximately 1.5kg
Size W265×D160×H106mm
Note Burner: Internal flame type
Gas consumption: 0.85kW (750kcal/h)
Continuous burning time: Approximately 230 minutes
Safety device: Pressure sensing safety device/magnetic cassette cylinder attachment/detachment system


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