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cockpit limited black

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Introducing the new LIMITED BLACK color cockpit, where you can put firewood and control the flames as if you were enjoying free flight in your own cockpit.

Due to the slanted fire bed, combustion progresses from the tip to the front, and if the firewood is long enough to protrude from the main body, it is possible to push the firewood in from the back when the tip has charred.

The slits placed throughout serve as intake ports, and are arranged so that the COOK PIT exhibits just the right amount of combustion.

It can be used in a variety of ways depending on the combination of parts, making it a fire stand that changes its appearance depending on the unique style of each person who holds COOK PIT.


AccesoriesFrame, grate, grill, trivet sticks (2 pieces)
weightApproximately 850g
Size When unfolded/W283×H169×D227mm
When stored/W303×H40×D190mm
Material Stainless steel, heat-resistant coating (frame, grate, trivet stick)
Origin Japan
Note ■Estimated number of users: 1 to 2 people
■Precautions for use: Although stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, rust may occur depending on usage and storage conditions.
Thermal deformation may occur to the extent that it does not affect continued use.


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