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Alpaca plus stove (with special bag)

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Over a dozen improvements have been made to improve functionality and safety. The alpaca plus stove has been improved to live up to the name "PLUS". Compact and easy to use, it performs well in a variety of situations. We support a comfortable lifestyle.

1. Appearance_ Fine retro design

A retro design that inherits the "simple and smart" design that has been well-received since its inception. Combined with the nostalgic red lamps, it creates a warm interior space.

●Trapezoidal product for comfortable seating ●360° open combustion tube design ●4 chic matte colors ●ALPACA PLUS new logo design

2. Compact Style_ Just the right size

Lightweight and convenient to carry. A feeling of size that does not take up space. It can be installed even in small spaces, so you don't have to worry about where to put it. Also, by using a special bag with cushioning material, transporting it over long distances becomes easier.

3. Safety_ Clears Japanese safety standards

It passes all inspections in accordance with Japanese safety standards, which is unprecedented among overseas manufacturers. In order to maintain product quality, we conduct product inspections on a total of more than 30 items, including fire extinguishing equipment and ignition equipment, from time to time to ensure safe use for our customers.
(We sample and conduct all inspections when the product arrives in Japan.)

● Obtained certification from Japan Combustion Equipment Inspection Association (JHIA)

4. History_ Craftsmanship and world quality

As a long-established Korean brand, we have been manufacturing and selling kerosene stove products since 1968. From its founding to the present, it has been built by master craftsmen. We constantly strive to improve quality by feeding back our long experience and track record and the numerous technical data we have cultivated to our products.

●A long-established kerosene stove manufacturing company that has been loved for 54 years.
●Since our founding, we have specialized in manufacturing kerosene stoves and kerosene stoves.
●Sales record in over 50 countries around the world, including America, Europe, and the Middle East.
●Each piece is carefully handmade with a craftsman's eye and delicate technical skills.

5.Functionality_ Improving functionality and quality

While maintaining the functionality that has been well-received up until now, we have made 19 improvements and upgraded it. The upper plate uses a new ceramic material to improve heat conduction efficiency. By increasing the precision of each part, functionality, safety, ease of handling, and maintainability have been significantly improved. We deliver products of perfect quality so that our customers can use them for a long time.

●High output heating performance.
●360°warmth that spreads in all directions.
●Burning duration: Approximately 10 hours.


Color black, green, red, sand beige
weight Approximately 6.6kg
Size (External dimensions) Height 420mm x Width 350mm x Depth 350mm
Origin South Korea
Note Type: Natural ventilation type open type kerosene stove (shin type/natural convection type)
Ignition method: Lighter or matches
Fuel used: JIS No. 1 kerosene
Fuel consumption: 3.0kW (0.293L/h)
Heating output: 3.0kW
Oil tank capacity: 3.7L
Burning duration: Approximately 10 hours
Heating guideline: 13-17㎡
Type of Shin: Ordinary Tsutsushin (TS-77NW)
Nominal dimensions: Diameter 95mm x Thickness 3mm x Length 200mm
Safety device: Anti-earthquake automatic fire extinguishing system (lower type)


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