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SB stool kit

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It is a part that can be used as a stool by attaching this member instead of attaching a track to the 4 holes (2 places) of the regular pitch on the skateboard deck.

The biggest feature is that instead of the common fixed legs, the four legs can be attached and detached with magnets, and the removed legs can be held in a holder on the back of the board and carried compactly.
As a result, it can be used not only indoors but also outdoors, so it has a wide range of applications.

As an example, it is recommended not only as a chair and table for camping and outdoor activities, but also as an additional chair for visitors, store fixtures, display stand, TV rack, and a bench for two children.

*Skateboard (deck) is not included.


Size Seat height about 40cm (assuming a deck thickness of 10mm)
Thickness of parts when stored: 45mm
Material Resin Molded Parts / Nylon Resin with Glass Fiber
Leg pipe / made of duralumin BLACK electrodeposition coating
Attached countersunk screw / steel BLACK electrodeposition coating
(*It will be a specially designed product.) magnet / neodymium magnet
Note Compatible with boards with a board thickness of 11 mm or less and a wheel base (inner hole to hole) of 350 mm to 400 mm.
If it is more than that, you can use it without using the "pole holder".
(In that case, please carry the four leg parts separately.)
Decks with a short nose and a long tail, such as OLD decks, have their legs offset considerably. Please pay attention to your seating position when you are seated.
Also, please note that some decks cannot be joined properly depending on the position of the concave (curvature of the board).
(In that case, please do not forcibly join or use it.)
There is originally a slight rattle (gap) between the leg pipe and the insert. Please note that it will be the clearance required for the structure.


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