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A table that can be deployed quickly and easily, and can be used at the chairside.

The stencil on the bottom of the table reminds me of the design engraved on the US Army field table. The top plate that uses a perforated board is available in two colors, olive drab and coyote, which have a strong army feel.

To unfold, untie the belt that holds the leg pipe, and insert one leg into the resin leg catch to create a low table with a height of about 26 cm.

By replacing the leg on the opposite side with the inner leg catch parts, the height can be changed to about 37 cm.

The cutouts on the top of the top plate are ideal for carrying when moving and for clamping lantern poles, etc., and the cutouts on both sides are ideal for hanging Sierra cups and tools.

In addition, since aluminum pipe is used as the main material, it is lightweight at about 2.4 kg.


ColorCoyote x Coyote / Odie x Odie
weightabout 2.4kg
Size Top plate size: Length 400mm x Width 600mm x Height 260mm, 365mm (variable)
Thickness when stored: about 36mm
Material Frame: Aluminum
Bolts: Stainless steel
Top board: lauan perforated board


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