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Cooler Box 45QT

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[Official limited price (until 6/30)]

The popular ICELAND cooler box is now available in DVERG colors.

In addition to the solid design, the noteworthy point is the amazing structure that keeps the block ice for up to 5 days (varies depending on temperature, frequency of opening/closing the lid, and amount of ice).

The partition board that separates the inside of the refrigerator can also be used as a cutting board, and you can't miss the variety of convenient optional parts such as a basket-type shelf and drink holder. The exterior is made of ultraviolet ray resistant material, making it sturdy and resistant to deterioration.

The colors produced as brand originals are available in three military colors that give a sense of the brand's worldview.

【 Features 】

・DVERG original sophisticated color range ・Overwhelming cold retention power that keeps ice for up to 5 days (varies depending on conditions)
・Approximately 5cm thick body filled with insulation material ・Reliable design with a lid that has the same sealing force as a refrigerator and an air release button ・Bottle opener installed in 2 locations ・More advanced lid opening/closing Easy T-latch handle - Internal partition plate that can also be used as a cutting board - Made of commercial-grade non-toxic materials and UV-resistant materials - ISO9001 quality management system certified - Optional parts such as drink holders and basket-type shelves are included


weightWeight: approx. 10.5 kg
Load capacity: approx. 100 kg
Capacity: 42.6 L
Size External dimensions: (approx.) 68.6 cm (W) x 41.2 cm (D) x 41.2 cm (H)
Internal dimensions: (approx.) 54.6 cm (W) x 28 cm (D) x 30.8 cm (H).
Material Linear polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene
Note Due to the nature of the resin, there is a possibility that there are scuffs, scratches, burrs, bubbles, etc. due to the manufacturing process and packing, but there are no problems in use.


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