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Coffee Canister

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Carefully handcrafted by Japanese tea caddy craftsmen, this canister is highly airtight and light-shielding, blocking moisture, and is excellent for long-term storage of not only coffee beans, but also tea leaves and biscuits.

It has a function that does not deteriorate the flavor of coffee, and the size is suitable for putting beans in, making it convenient to carry around such as camping.


Size 95 mm (diameter) x 95 mm (height)
Material tin plate
Note The color of the image may differ slightly depending on the PC monitor environment.
Please avoid washing with water or storing in a refrigerator, as moisture may cause rusting.
If the product gets dirty, wipe it off with a soft cloth and dry it well before use.
Please be careful not to put highly adhesive stickers or tape on the can or touch the can with fingernails, as it may cause the paint to peel off.
Due to the high airtightness of the can, the lid may be difficult to open and close at first use.
Opening the lid by holding the top of the lid and pulling it up will prevent the lid from being deformed or otherwise deteriorated over time.
If this happens, open and close the lid by turning it at an angle.
After a certain period of use, the lid will open and close smoothly.
Please handle with care to avoid injury from the cut end of the can.


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