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A wedge for chopping wood.

By using it in conjunction with an ax or hammer in the manner of batoning, you can efficiently chop wood when camping.

DVERG's wedges are characterized by a unique shape that is easy to use and a rugged color even after heat treatment, and the more you use them, the more their flavor will improve.

We use hard, unbreakable materials carefully selected by Takefu Special Steel, a manufacturer of Echizen cutlery that specializes in processing steel materials, and a highly durable material that has undergone hardening heat treatment.

The easy-to-grip handle is inspired by tools used by ironworkers.


Size 19.5×3.0×2.1cm
Material Iron (hardened heat treated steel)
Origin Japan
Note ・The pattern on the surface of the product is generated when the material is heat treated to harden, and the appearance of each item will vary.
・The product will rust. After use, wipe off the moisture and store in a dry state to prevent rust.
・Although the material is nickel-free, please refrain from using it if you are concerned about metal allergies.
- If you notice a decrease in performance due to wear on the cutting edge, resharpening will restore performance.
・Deformation or peeling may occur in areas where the product has been hit with a hammer.


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