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Fireproof GS Tent

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A solo tent that is strong against sparks and rain.

For DVERG's first tent collaboration, we chose GRIP SWANY, who are well known for their leather gloves.

The fireproof GS tent is specially ordered in coyote color, which is a rare color for a military curtain where olive is the mainstream.

The fabric is "B RAZE SHIELD ", a flame-retardant and water-repellent material developed by GRIP SWANY. You don't have to worry about the tent and forcibly separate the bonfire, and it's reassuring even if it suddenly rains. It's a function that seems obvious in camping, but there are surprisingly few tents like this.
*This is obvious, but it is not fireproof, so it does not mean that it will not burn.

Even when it is completely closed, there is enough living space, but if you flip up the entire surface, you can use the space while keeping the cot inside. After cooking and eating in the flip-up space, taking a nap in the cot is a luxurious way to spend time.

Don't worry if you don't like the bushcraft style. Grip Swany has an inner tent, so you don't have to worry about ticks or mosquitoes in the summer when you wear it. It also protects you from the cold in winter.

*The flip-up pole is not included. A dedicated pole (130 cm) is sold at Grip Swany.

*From the 2022 arrival, the fabric has been changed from FIRESHIELD to BRAZE SHIELD. The product image is that of the old model. Please be aware.


AccesoriesCurtain and storage bag, 2 poles in pack, 12 pegs in pack, 2 tension nets 4m
weightApprox. 5.6kg
Size Width 330 x depth 190 x height 130 cm (for one person)
Material Curtain : 100% cotton (flame-retardant finish, water-repellent finish)
Storage bag : 100% cotton (flame-retardant finish, water-repellent finish)
Pole : Aluminium
Peg : steel
Stretch netting : 100% polypropylene
Note Although it has been treated with a flame-retardant finish, it is not a material that will not burn, so please handle it with care.
There is a distinctive smell due to the flame-retardant processing, but it will go away as you use it.
Because of pictures taken outdoors, the colors may appear different from the actual product.


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