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Sideup Box & Table L

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A table that can be changed to suit the situation, from solo to group.
Not only is it functionally beautiful, it is also simply stylish.

A DVERG custom model is now available from Naturetones' popular item "Side Up Box & Table".
A convenient container box that can be used outdoors. Although it has a stylish design, it can be used in 2 ways, as a box and a table. Can be used in multiple ways in various scenes. The textured surface of the paint, which is exclusive to special order, gives it a more rugged look.


Unique transformation gimmicks and items full of ideas are popular, and the manufacturing of products that reach the itchy areas of campers' eyes has gained support from a wide range of people, from veterans to beginners. We offer highly unique camping furniture such as tables, racks, and fire pits.


weightApprox. 9.8kg
Size When boxed / 370x520x370H (mm)
When table transformed / 1100x520x370H (mm)
Material Frame / SS400
Wood / cedar wood (BRIWAX finish)
Origin Japan


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