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Thinned Wood Stick

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Wakasa lacquered chopsticks have a history of over 400 years. These are traditional lacquered chopsticks that have been around since the Edo period, and chopstick craftsmen with over 50 years of experience shape each chopstick by hand and coat it with lacquer.

The material used is cedar that was thinned and felled to protect the nature of Fukui. The hexagonal shape fits well in your hand and prevents it from rolling.

*Please be careful when using cedar as it is weaker than regular chopstick materials and easily breaks. This project is a project to effectively utilize thinned wood that would otherwise be thrown away and burned.


Size Length: Approx. 23.5 cm
Material Natural wood (cedar), lacquer coating
Origin Japan
Note do not use this product in a dishwasher and dryer.
Wash with water and wipe dry as soon as possible after use and store out of direct sunlight.
Avoid using scrubbing or polishing powder.
Depending on your constitution, the lacquer may cause a rash in very rare cases.


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