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DVERG×Mountain Mountain

With old moon comment color case

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The iron lantern hanger titled Waning Moon is carefully finished one by one by craftsmen.

A beautiful streamlined shape that looks like a waning moon is the result of many years of iron bending technology. In addition, the leather part is sewn one by one by a leather craftsman.

Black soft leather is used for the connecting part, and a limited edition color with the Doberg logo stamped is made to order. In addition, the set comes with a mustard-colored special case, which is also the brand color of MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN.

The case has a spacious design and can be used as a pole case.


weightBody : Approx. 2100g
Size Total length (when joined)/182cm
Hanger part/93.5cm(including jointed part)
Pile driver part/100cm(including jointed part)
Maximum width(hanger part)/21cm
Case/102cm x 27.5cm
Material Iron, leather, brass (grommet portion), waxed canvas
Origin Japan
Note Lantern, iron hook, and carabiner are not included.
This product is characterized by the natural aging of the material and is not rust-proofed.


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