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stacking mugs

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A DVERG-colored mug made with a focus on purely domestic products.

A mug cup made in Tsubamesanjo, a manufacturing town, is surface-processed in DVERG's hometown of Fukui, and the logo is engraved with a laser. All processing is made in Japan.
DVERG colors, “Black”, “Riverstone”, and soil brown, which appeared as a new color that represents DVERG, are new colors created in pursuit of a color that blends in naturally.
The slightly reddish black color reminiscent of black soil and loam soil is designed to match the wooden table and top board.
The shot blasting process makes it slip-resistant and improves the fit, and it has a design that blends in well with the DVERG gear.

In addition, the logo is engraved using laser processing after painting, and the deburring process makes the mouth smooth, making it easy to drink, not bulky, and a mug that combines functionality and beauty.


ColorBlack/Riverstone/Soil Brown
weightabout 100g
Size 80mm x 120mm x 80mmH (main body)
Material stainless
Origin Japan
Note Capacity: 300cc


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