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Bespoke hiking ticket

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Normal sales start at noon on February 3rd.

A hiking ticket that uses the same fabric as the bespoke +u.
Following the popularity of khaki, brown is now on sale as well.

Half Track Products' "Hiking Ticket" is a compact size wallet that is ideal for the cashless era. It is convenient to store cards and money separately with many partitions. Since it comes with a D can, it is also recommended to hang it from your waist or attach a string to hang it from your neck.

This time, we used the same "High Density Cloth" as the bespoke +u. A combination of special threading and processing, this is a high-quality fabric that has been finished with an extremely high density.

*Limited to one item per person


Colorbrown, khaki
Size About 11 cm long x 8 cm wide x 1 cm thick
Material Super high density knitted fabric
Polyester: 60%
Nylon: 40%
Origin Japan
Note * The color of the image may differ slightly depending on the PC monitor environment. note that.
*Due to the characteristics of the fabric, there are places where scratches and hits occur. It is not counted as a defect because it cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of processing.


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