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cutting sticker new logo

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A cutting sheet with the DVERG logo.

You can stylishly arrange your own outdoor goods such as cooler boxes and storage containers to your liking.

The sticker has excellent water resistance and light resistance, so it can also be used on the rear glass of a car.


Colormatte black/matte white
Size Small size/7.0 × 1.1cm L size/16.0 × 3.2cm
Material 651 standard seat
Origin Japan
Note How to apply: 1. Rub the translucent sheet and backing paper firmly to make sure they are firmly attached, then peel off the backing paper. 2. After removing dust, dirt, oil, etc. from the surface to be pasted, decide where you want to stick it and stick it together with the backing paper. 3. After pasting is completed, press and rub the sticker body over the semi-transparent sheet so that it sticks. ④ After crimping, slowly peel off the translucent sheet. (Please note that it cannot be re-pasted)


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