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hanging organizer

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The second collaboration between POST GENERAL and DVERG, which stands out with its rustic waxed canvas material and chic taste.

White wrinkles form on the surface of the fabric at the bends, increasing its texture, and the more you use it, the more you can enjoy the aging effect.

A hanging organizer that can be used as a wall pocket in your car or on a car carrier. You can use it conveniently by hanging it not only in your car but also on a hanging rack.

This organizer has a large pocket that can hold not only tissues, but also books, iPads, and laptops, and a vertical pocket that can hold mobile batteries and mobile gadgets.

You can also hang hangers by hooking a carabiner or hook to the loop. Items that tend to get in the way when left in the car can be stored behind the seat, allowing you to sit comfortably.


AccesoriesFixed strap for car seat
Size 42cm x 50.5cm (excluding loop part)
Material wax canvas, steel, synthetic leather
Origin China
Note ・Keep away from fire or high temperature objects as it may cause fire or deterioration of this product.
・As a feature of the wax canvas fabric, the folded or bent parts turn white. It is not a defective product, so please enjoy it as a texture.
・Please refrain from using a washing machine or dryer. In addition, if it is left wet for a long time, it may cause deterioration or mold. Store in a well-ventilated place.


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