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DVERG collaborates with HAKU MOUNTAIN SUPPLY, which sells bright blue indigo gear.

Black denim is a Doberg exclusive color, changing from the traditional indigo blue. Made of denim fabric that has been treated to be flame retardant and water repellent, it is fire resistant and can withstand sudden rain. In Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture, a production area for domestic denim, each piece is handmade by craftsmen from sewing to dyeing.

Unlike regular printing, the logo uses a ``discharge printing'' method that removes the color, which creates individual differences, and the unevenness of the handmade product gives it a lovely depth.

The shape is a highly versatile square tarp. By using a total of 19 locations, including 10 tape rolls and 9 grommets, various tensioning methods are possible. I want you to try out various tension methods to suit the occasion, from family to solo.

Like jeans, the value changes over time, and you can enjoy the fading of color while using it to make it your own tool.


``HAKU MOUNTAIN SUPPLY'' is a MADE IN IBARA camping gear line created completely to order by a jeans maker with a background in its own sewing and washing factory in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture. Indigo gear with its unique bright blue color is gaining popularity. We believe in delivering only the necessary quantities to the people who need them, using materials and techniques that are acceptable to us.




weightApproximately 1800g
Size Body size: approx. 284cm x 300cm
Storage size: approx. 42cm x 13cm
The poles used for setup are approximately 200cm in height.
Material cotton nylon
Origin made in Japan
Note *There are individual differences because it is handmade.
*This product only includes the main unit and storage bag; poles, ropes, etc. are not included.
*Although flame retardant has been applied, it is not non-flammable.
*The storage bag is not flame retardant and water repellent.
*Due to the characteristics of the product, color may transfer.


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