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13 Versatile Pot

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An aluminum Dutch oven made for easy, authentic cooking outdoors.

The biggest feature is its appearance.

The sandblasting technique creates a unique texture and color that has never been seen before in pots. A grill with a pot and lid that can be used for everything from grilling to pot dishes to stews, yet it is a size and lightweight item that is perfect for outdoor use.

The alumite processing and fluorine processing on the grill part makes it easy to cook grilled dishes without sticking to them, and the good heat conduction of aluminum allows for even heat to enter easily, allowing for quick cooking.

Precise cutting technology reduces the gap between the lid and the pot, and pressure is applied during simmering, making it possible to simmer even thick meat until it becomes mushy in a short time, making it easy to cook spareribs that require grilling and boiling. Exquisite.

Capacity is compatible with 2 to 3 cups. Due to the lightness unique to aluminum, it has a size that is easy to carry and can be used both camping and at home.


weight■Weight: Approx. 1,680g
■Capacity: Approx. 1.9ℓ
Size (Approx.) W233 x D197 x H133mm
Material ■Material: Aluminum alloy
■Surface processing
Overall: Anodized
Surface: shot blast
Back of lid: Ceramic coating
Origin Japan
Note ■This product is for gas fires (direct fires) only.
Cannot be used with electromagnetic cookers (IH cooking heaters).
■Never empty the fire.
Doing so may damage the alumite or fluororesin processing, or cause burns or fire due to deformation or melting of the main body. When preheating, please limit the heating time to about 30 seconds. Preheating for a long time will result in the same condition as dry heating.
■Do not place charcoal on the lid.
The condition may be the same as when the product is heated dry, and the main body may melt.
■Please adjust the heat.
When using on a gas stove, place it in the center of the stove and adjust the heat so that the flame does not get larger than the bottom of the main unit. If you use the product with the flame protruding from the bottom of the main unit, the handle will become hot and may cause burns. Also, if you are using a stove with two or more burners, be careful not to let the flames from adjacent stoves hit the handle.


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