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A water tank that won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022.

Custom made with DVERG original colors and specifications that are not found in QAMAR's inline products.

A polygonal tank that doesn't just look good; it can be placed in different ways depending on the purpose.

It is designed to be stable no matter which side is the bottom.

There are two types of lids, large and small. The wide mouth is large enough to fit your hand in, allowing you to clean the inside of the tank and keep it sanitary at all times. The narrow mouth can be used for a wide range of purposes such as a hand washing faucet, water jug, etc. by attaching the included water cock (faucet).

QAMAR MULTI WATER TANK is manufactured with materials that reduce CO2 emissions by 70% during combustion, and is manufactured with materials that have obtained a Food Sanitation Act compliance certificate, so you can safely use it for drinking water and food.

The body is textured so that it can be stacked horizontally, so it can store evacuation goods for two people and about two days, and is also useful for storing disaster prevention goods.


Accesories1 each for wide-mouth and small-mouth lids, 1 original watercock
weightApproximately 820g
Capacity: Approximately 10-13L (*Depends on the water level)
Size 376 x 376 x 162mm (*with lid attached)
Material Body/Lid/Polyethylene
Origin Japan
Note ■Heat-resistant temperature 70 degrees

■The polyethylene used in the tank may be slightly deformed depending on manufacturing conditions, and the air inside the tank may be compressed and the uneven parts may not mesh properly. In that case, if you fill the tank with water for half a day to a day, the uneven parts will swell and the bite may improve.

■Please be aware that if you store it full of water for a long time, the sides will bulge outward and become deformed. Also, when deforming, blowing hot air into the tank with a hair dryer for about 30 seconds will return it to its original shape, but please be aware that blowing hot air into the tank for a long period of time or continuing to apply it to the tank body may cause it to melt or deform.
■Made with materials that have obtained a certificate of compliance with the Food Sanitation Act.
It can be safely used for drinking water and food.


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