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The BJ CLASSIC "JAZZ" that was the basis for this special order is a complete reproduction of the model that was released around the 1950s and was loved by many musicians, including Bill Evans.

As a special order, we added "Crossover Jazz," which represents a genre that is fused with other genres and artists, such as jazz rock, and mixed an outdoor design with a classical and sophisticated atmosphere befitting the name.

This collaboration also includes a lineup of playful clear frames.

In addition, the high-quality polarized lenses used suppress diffused reflection of light and reflect the original beauty of nature.

Although simple, these sunglasses have functions that make the outdoors even more exciting, stimulating the intellectual curiosity of adults.

A piece that will be passed down to the next generation, created by the skill and heart of Sabae eyeglass craftsmen who have been working for over 100 years.

*The color of the image may differ depending on your monitor environment.

*Since the photo was taken outdoors, the color may differ from the actual color.


ColorBlack, brown Sasa, khaki, Kihaku, tiger, clear red
Size 49□21-148
Material Celluloid (tiger pattern only acetate)
Nose pad: titanium
Origin Japan
Note ■Lens Polarized lens
Visible light transmittance: 20%
Ultraviolet transmittance: 1.0% or less


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