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A top plate for Shelf Container 25 made of solid Japanese chestnut wood.

We asked Wilding Out, which has a reputation for wood processing, to produce the top plate. Chestnut processing creates a unique pattern on each piece, and the color matches the handle, giving it a chic appearance. Finished with oil painting and a DVERG brass nameplate.

The brass nameplate is numbered. Both the nameplate and the main body will age and become more rugged as you use them.


Size 43×31.5×2.5cm
Material Solid wood (chestnut)
Origin Japan
Note *Shelf container is not included.
Because this product is made from solid domestic chestnut wood, it may warp, warp, crack, swell, or shrink depending on the season and usage environment.
In addition, while chestnut trees are light, strong, and resistant to moisture, they are prone to hangnails and insect holes.
Therefore, small holes may be visible on the surface of the product, but these are holes made by insects while the wood was still alive. Please rest assured that there will be no problem in using it.
This product has an oil painted finish. Oil coating is a coating that protects the wood while preserving its texture, but it is not a strong coating.
Therefore, please do not place hot items on it, leave it in a wet state, or wash it completely.
Also, please refrain from leaving metal products such as gas cans for long periods of time or placing wet metal products on the product.
Condensation when using a gas can in cold temperatures can cause the tannins in the wood to react with the metal, causing discoloration.


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