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*Due to the popularity of this item, the maximum purchase quantity will be 3 pieces.

"Goal Zero" is synonymous with LED lanterns.

Compact, bright, and easy to charge.

It has a good battery life and can also be used as a flashlight depending on the model.

In addition, various custom parts are available, and it is supported by many campers because it is easy to express individuality.

Of course, it is also used by Asomatas and is a must-have item when camping or mountain climbing.

EX-GATE is an item that can make Goal Zero even more convenient even under these circumstances.


Size Gate width: approx. 10mm Upper inner dimension: approx. 19mm Inner dimension lower part: approx. 24mm
Material ABS (textured), spring steel (gate part)
Note ■Compatible products:
Goal Zero: Lighthouse Micro, Micro Flash Series
Zane Arts: Jig
*It can also be attached to a jig, but the fit will be weaker than the Micro Flash series.
If you shake the carabiner excessively after wearing it, or if you store it with it attached and apply a certain amount of force, it may come off.
When using it for jigs, please take safety into account.


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