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As an item that symbolizes F/CE.'s seasonal theme, we have specially ordered the folding kayak "FOLBOT" produced by Fujita Canoe Research Institute.

The construction of an aluminum frame with foldable shock cord has modernist architectural elements, and when combined with technical details such as waterproof materials, edgy shapes, and welded construction, it creates a "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION" design. ) was produced as an item to symbolize.

This beautiful design that combines function and structure is a wonderful product that brings together Japanese technology.

FOLBOT TACTICAL FOLDING KAYAK is a two-man boat with a total length of 4.3m and a weight of 17.5kg.

The width is a maximum of 75cm and the stability is excellent.

Although the kayak is designed for a maximum of 2 passengers, it can also be used as a one-person boat with the seat placed in the center.

It has excellent foldability and can be stored compactly in a dedicated tactical duffel bag.


Size Kayak/Length: 430cm Width 76cm
Tactical duffel bag/width 100cm x depth 40cm x height 40cm
Origin Japan
Note ■Standard equipment: Kayak body, duffle bag, air pump, instruction manual, repair kit (repair cloth, adhesive)
■Specifications: Seat for 2 adults
Compatible with Fujita Canoe ALPINA series options, various parts can be installed.
*Paddles and life jackets (PFD) are sold separately.
*Please be sure to wear a life jacket when kayaking.


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