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Granmar Copper Kettle (Small)

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A popular kettle whose texture increases the more you use it.

The heat-conducting copper and wide-bottomed design allow hot water to boil quickly, making it useful in winter and outdoors.
Boil plenty on the stove top and use it for cooking, or wash dishes in the kitchen.
You can easily pour even a large kettle by tilting it with your hand on the handle on the back.


weight■ Weight: 1100g
■ Capacity: 3.3L (when full of water)
■Maximum amount of water when using: 2.3L (to the bottom of the spout)
Size ・Body + Lid/W180×D222×H240mm
・Handle upright/H310mm, bottom diameter 180mm
Material ・Body: copper (internal tin plating), brass
・Handle: stainless steel, wood (beech)
Origin Japan
Note ※I can use it with a firewood stove, gas, a bonfire.
(Cannot be used with an IH cooking heater)


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