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Calm Flow Chim Hwan

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An ecological fan device that generates its own electricity using the heat from the stove.

Quiet and clean wind energy that does not require a power source, generates its own electricity and rotates the blades just by placing it on the stove.

The fan stirs the air in the room and increases the heating temperature.

Calmflow Chimfan is a two-way type that can be used not only on the stove top, but also on the chimney by transforming.

For models with a low top plate temperature, it can be used by attaching it to a single chimney.

It is also effective when you want to use a large table top.


Size W200×D97×H200mm
Material Aluminum, handle/iron, band/stainless steel
Origin China
Note ■Air volume: 204m²/h
Operating temperature: Operating temperature: 100-345℃ (*Do not use at temperatures above 345℃)
■Specifications: Starts rotating at approximately 60℃ and maintains stable rotation speed above 80℃.
・The motor is a consumable item. If the rotation speed drops even within operating temperature, it is time to replace the motor.


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