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faceted cutting board

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It's one size smaller than a household chopping board, so it's easy to carry.
A cutting board that makes it easy to cook outdoors.

Cutting board proposed by FEDECA, "Facet Cutting Board"

The edges on the side of the main body, reminiscent of the faceted cut of gemstones, are processed so that fingers can be easily inserted and lifted.

The plastic cutting board is difficult to cut with a hand-held knife and has a design that does not look natural .

Outdoor meals are the best part of camping.
Enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients in a field with an outstanding sense of openness. A product that coordinates such a supreme meal from the appearance of tableware and cooking utensils. The point is that unlike ordinary cutting boards, it can be served as it is and can be used as a plate.

A high-quality cutting board that can be used every day at home or outside, is not disposable, and can be attached to for a long time.

It is recommended to decorate with cheese, prosciutto, olives, etc. like the wooden plate of the platter of the Italian bar.


ColorBlack Walnut
Size Length 300 x Width 200 x Thickness 20 mm
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