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Artisan Easy Pants Cotton Twill Charcoal

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Considering the ease of work, tapered pants with 2 tucks to give room around the waist are easy specifications with ribs and drawcords on the waist.

The hem is made so that the width can be adjusted with a looped button.

The deep and unique color is due to charcoal dyeing, which is a method of finely pulverizing Kishu Binchotan charcoal and dyeing it as a dye.

Original Jumonji sashiko fabric is used to reinforce the hip patch pocket, and production is consistently done in Japan.


The brand name comes from the hobo (wanderer) who sought a job while riding the railroad free of charge in the United States, which was in the midst of a recession 100 years ago. They sought liberation from power and free souls. hobo has inherited that attitude, and without being bound by preconceived notions, designs born from overflowing creativity and free thinking are commercialized by the handiwork of skilled domestic craftsmen. The expression and texture of the materials, the weight of the attached parts, and the three-dimensional form of the products are carefully considered.


Size M: Waist 72cm / Hip 61cm / Thigh Width 36cm / Bottom Width 18cm / Rise 30.5cm / Inseam 68cm
L: Waist 74cm / Hip 61.5cm / Thigh Width 37cm / Bottom Width 18.5cm / Rise 31.5cm / Inseam 69cm
Model (Male): 178cm / Weight / Wearing size: L
* All clothes are placed flat on a flat stand and the outer dimensions are measured.
*Even with the same product, individual differences of 1-2 cm may occur during the production process.
Material cotton 100%
Origin Japan
Note *Precautions for handling
・We recommend hand washing with a neutral detergent so that you can enjoy the color fading for a longer time.
・The color may transfer to other items, so please wash separately.
・Do not use fluorescent agents or bleach.
・Please dry in the shade after washing.
・The color may fade by reacting with citrus juice. If it adheres, wash it off immediately.
・If exposed to strong sunlight or lighting for a long time, it may discolor, so please do not leave it in a sunny place and store it in a dark place.


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